Coming soon! Diary280

the pregnancy and prenatal app

RightCliQ has partnered with Diary280 to bring a state-of-the-art mobile application for expectant parents to track the beautiful moments of pregnancy including medical visits and the baby’s prenatal growth. What makes us unique in the crowded market of pregnancy and prenatal diaries is the way we offer multiple services under a single dashboard which can be shared by the expectant parents and by integrating the app with third party service providers.

  • Due Date

    Due date calculator:

    Calculate delivery due date based on last period, ultrasound, IVF or conception date.

  • Manage Medical

    Manage Medical appointments:

    Fix medical appointments with partner clinics or configure your own clinic.

  • Track Maternity

    Track Maternity Nuances:

    From baby kick counter to in taking belly growth photos to tracking your BP, weight and much more we have all the tools bundled for you.

  • Pregnancy Journal

    Pregnancy Journal:

    Record beautiful moments, milestones, facts and anything that you want to share with your partner and probably with the baby in the future.

  • Checklist


    Have your own in app todo lists, reminders so that you can record things right inside Diary280 instead of scribbling in notepads or another mobile app.

  • Prenantal

    Prenatal Knowledge Base:

    Easy access to FAQs and also forums where you can interact with expectant parents and doctors to sail through the mixed-emotional period of pregnancy.

  • Clinical & Admin

    Clinical and Admin Dashboards:

    For our partnered clinics, we offer summaries and reports services clinical and analytical purposes. Allo create your own FAQs.

So, how are we different?

Most of the apps offer to track single pregnancy including twins or multiples. But there are hardly apps that offer tracking more than one pregnancy. We care, so we have features that help you to save your pregnancy events including health and personal information, which can be used for your next pregnancy.