Integrate and Manage

Design and develop

Maximizing organizational efficiencies

In an effort to streamline data access across various divisions in an organization, it is imperative to connect relevant applications, processes, databases and network resources in their ecosystem. However, organizations struggle to achieve this harmony due various reasons like the presence of disparate systems, multi-cloud environments, data security, lack of expertise and vision. This leads to data silos resulting in lack of visibility and organizational inefficiencies.

We offer integration services to connect and manage your functional and operational applications, including frontend, backend, databases, processes, networks and cloud, using APIs, and custom built connectors.

Design and Development Services

API Development and Integrations

  • Develop APIs for web, mobile and database applications using REST, SOAP, JASON and other protocols
  • Integrate 3rd party systems with your existing systems via APIs across internal networks or on the cloud
  • Extend your capabilities systems by building API end-points and interfaces to connect with other systems
  • Test your API integrations

Platform integrations

  • Build API layers to connect data from multiple applications using middleware tools
  • Review existing ecosystem, define integration architecture and help in refactoring applications
  • Facilitate interoperability by enabling real-time data transfers

Cloud migrations

  • Cloud integrations for seamless data transfers and transactions across multiple cloud and on-premise applications
  • PaaS and SaaS integrations using AWS, GCP, Azure, VMWare etc.