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Blockchain based products

Our protection and verification suite of products leverage VeriDoc Global’s patented verification system powered by blockchain and QR code technologies.

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Rethink protection and verification for

  • Legal documents
  • Educational certificates
  • Business contracts
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A secure blockchain based tamper proof timesheet management system

  • Employee app: Avoid time theft and ghost employees
  • QR code tracking: Implement location sensitive employee clock in/out
  • Employer portal: Analytics and dashboards
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VeriDoc SCM

Revolutionize supply chain management with advanced track and trace technologies

  • Build traceability and reduce risk in supply chain
  • Enhance transparency and identify leaks in distribution network
  • Derive insights from reports to establish resiliency
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Protection and Verification with Blockchain & QR Code Technology

Blockchain tops the list of disruptive technologies as it provides a robust environment for secure data sharing in real time. The decentralized nature of the technology extends to lend itself as a trusted point of reference, because any alteration in data becomes transparent. The immutable nature of the blockchain prevents data frauds and at the same time helps overcome the need for relying on third party verification as the movement of data can be tracked and traced along any type of value chain.

Upcoming Products

Dairy 280

Expectations sore when a new member is expected to come into the family. We offer an exceptional prenatal solution, which is an ecosystem of applications for the new parents, clinicians and admins who run the healthcare facilities.

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Order Management

Conventional and manual order management results in inefficiencies for both businesses and suppliers. Our cloud based platform offers a new way to engage suppliers with customers in the B2B landscape.

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