Rethink Order Management

Order Management platform for small businesses

Conventional and manual order management results in inefficiencies for both businesses and suppliers. While the order workflow differs for various products, the major challenges remain the same across business verticals. Human errors that may occur while placing orders, delays in order processing, complications in coming up with pricing & discounts, coordinating activities that cause inconveniences to businesses and suppliers are prevalent. Whether you are a buyer or seller, we help solve your toughest order management challenges.

Conquering Supplier Challenges

Challenges in traditional methods
  • Manual errors
  • Error in taking down orders over phones & emails
  • Wrong order delivery
  • Inventory mix-ups
  • Over/under stocking
  • Limited visibility into existing stock
  • Challenge in targeted promotions
  • Difficult to run promotional campaigns
  • Lack of ways to push periodical offers to clear stock
How we solve
  • Frictionless operations
  • Connect like social media with buyers and make ordering simple
  • Make order amendments on the go
  • Well managed inventory
  • Know when to stock up
  • Optimize fulfillment
  • Easy product promotions and discounts
  • Personalized promotions to connected customers
  • Entice customers with stock clearance strategies

Resolving Buyer Problems

Challenges in traditional methods
  • Difficulties in ordering
  • Making multiple orders to different suppliers
  • Issues in returning wrong/unwanted items
  • Running around for best deals
  • Lack of time and resource to find the best deal
  • Limited visibility into existing stock
How we solve
  • Ordering made simple
  • Place orders with multiple suppliers in a single order
  • Save order lists for reordering
  • Best deals at fingertips
  • Shop for best deals at your free time
  • Get notified of special promotions and discounts

Platform Highlights

Connects Businesses & Suppliers

  • Registered users
  • Buyer/Supplier discoverability
  • Social media like connection requests

Inventory Maintenance

  • Register and capture product details
  • Organize products in groups and categories
  • Define minimum stock level
  • Optimized fulfillment increases visibility into processing orders

Flexible Ordering Process

  • Powerful workflow engine to track the entire order process
  • Buyers can search for products/suppliers and place orders/change orders list
  • Suppliers can check for the credibility of the business before accepting or rejecting an order Order amendments
  • Supplier discounts

Promotions & Discounts

  • Suppliers can run global promotions
  • Improve buyer loyalty with targeted discounts for preferred customers
  • Buyers can filter products by promotions and discounts

Intuitive Dashboard

  • Buyer/sellers can view upcoming orders/deliveries/promotions
  • Analytical charts & graphs
  • Standard supplier reports to make better decisions and improved profitability

Interoperable System

  • Suppliers can import data from their manual process using existing excel files
  • Export all data in CSV, Excel & PDF files.
  • This provides the flexibility of Interfacing with other existing systems